Water Treatment Systems

Water Solutions for Remote Applications

Raymac Environmental Services is committed to ensuring all your wastewater and potable water needs are met.  With solutions for both waste water treatment and potable water treatment, each unit is specifically engineered by our technical teams to meet your unique application and permitting requirements.  All of our units are built tough and come with a proven track record for their reliability and functionality.  Let Raymac worry about your potable water and wastewater so you can get on with the job.

Our WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) Advantages:

  • Lower Effluent toxins
  • Smaller physical plant
  • No special transportation requirements
  • Refines sludge further = less sludge removal
  • Easy to transport
  • Low preparations costs
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Easy sludge handling

Our potable water treatment plants are:

  • Tested prior to delivery to ensure easy start up
  • Compact and pre-assembled, reducing on-site construction costs
  • Highly automated, minimizing the need for operator monitoring and intervention
  • Compatible with tanks, hoses, and fittings also available through Raymac Environmental Services
  • Fitted for pumps and generators, also available through Raymac Environmental Services

For more information about waste water treatment systems, WWTP (waste water treatment plants), or potable water treatment systems contact Raymac Environmental Services toll free at 1-866-753-6696 today.