Collapsible bladder tanks, sometimes called pillow tanks, for the storage or secondary containment of water are commonly required in remote locations where long or short term, on-site storage of water for military, mining and industrial sites is required.

Typically bladder tanks are required in remote locations where access to potable water is limited and the importance of storing grey and black/brown water is crucial. Our bladder tanks are used in desert, arctic, and jungle locations.

Collapsible bladder tanks for water are used for three purposes: potable water, grey water, and black or brown water.

Bladder tanks used for potable water (sometimes called potable water pillow tanks) should be constructed from commercial or military grade fabrics and should be approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Our water bladder tanks are made from Aqua-Shield®, which is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for the containment of potable water. Bladder tanks for greywater, wastewater generated from domestic activities, and sometimes FRAC operations, should be made with fabrics compatible with the types of chemicals that the tank will contain. Please see our FRAC Water Treatment and Storage solutions.

Bladder tanks for black or brown water, water which contains fecal matter and urine, should be made with fabrics compatible with this type of exposure. Appropriate secondary containment may be required to prevent spills.

These flexible, collapsible and portable water tanks (pillow tanks) are easily deployable, lightweight and rugged. Set up is easy, with very little site preparation required. Collapsible bladder tank sizes start at 1900 litres and are available as large as 114,000 litres.

Accessories for Collapsible Water Bladder Tanks

Ground Sheets are an excellent way to add additional protection for your collapsible water tank from any sharp objects that may put pressure on the belly surface of the water and wastewater tank.

Sunshades add protection to water bladder tanks from harmful UV rays that may reduce the service life of the water and wastewater tanks.

To ensure our customers receive top quality products and service, Raymac Environmental Services strategically positions itself with key reputable manufacturers, with a history of proven customer satisfaction, and in doing so have obtained exclusive territorial marketing rights to these widely used and accepted products.
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