Waste Water Treatment Systems

Raymac Environmental Services is able to provide your site with a wastewater treatment system specifically designed to:

  • Meet your local effluent parameters as set by local authorities
  • Handle any level of site size starting as low as 10 men per site and as high as permanent residential systems
  • Suit your particular application, for example housed in a separate out building or in a fully self-contained shipping container
  • No odor or insect problems
  • Very little maintenance or operating attention required
  • Very little sludge generated with a bagged optional sludge system available
  • Extremely rugged and reliable

WWTP Desighn

A Typical Waste Water Treatment System Overview

The unit's biological wastewater treatment process is designed to remove organic matter and nutrients from the influent. The Bio Chip Reactor (BCR™) system is an enhanced activated sludge process with a biomass attaching on to small bio-media that is suspended in the mixture. The BCR™ combines the advantages of a suspended growth process and an attached growth process. Compared to conventional activated sludge systems, the BCR™ will provide greater biomass concentration, therefore increasing the process operations and maintenance. Compared to the attached growth process, the BCR™ system has the advantage of providing a higher quality effluent, easy design for nitrogen and phosphorus removal, more opportunities for contact with the organic matter nutrients, air and no odour or insect problems.

Predictably the waste in an industrial site or camp normally has a higher BOD and TSS influent than a normal residential situation. The Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) removes over 90% of the BOD and TSS prior to entering the biological reactors. After leaving the first or Primary DAF, the effluent will enter biological reactors that are filled with the bio-chip media. The Bio Chip increases the operating biomass by a factor of 6 times and are retained in the reactor by sludge wires screens. Since the biomass is attached to the chips, it will stay in the reactor and not be washed out should the plant suddenly have an unusually high load.

WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) Features:

  • Uses a Bio Chip Reactor System in a Dissolved Air Flotation tank
  • Recirculation Sludge System
  • Component or Containerized
  • Almost no site preparation
  • Optional PLC available
  • Optional Sludge Bags available
  • Leasing options

WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) Advantages

  • Lower Effluent toxins
  • Smaller physical plant
  • No special transportation requirements
  • Refines sludge further = less sludge removal
  • Easy to transport
  • Low preparations costs
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Easy sludge handling


40 to 150 Person Camp WWTP

150 to 400 Person Camp WWTP

800 Person Camp WWTP

Mass Balance Analysis

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