Rain Drains


The RainDrain, a high-quality berm filtration system, enables your secondary containment berm to gravity filter hydrocarbon leaks and minor spill contaminates from rainwater exhausts. With this gravity drainage berm in place, you can protect your secondary containment berm from rainwater overflow while keeping contaminants contained.

This go/no-go design of this rain drain filter allows continuous unmonitored drainage of secondary containment berms that will cease all liquid discharge once the filter is full. This will ensure that your secondary containment berm will have enough capacity to contain any primary container leak because there will be no rainwater contained in the berm. The RainDrain is tough enough for use in any climate, but is ideal for operations in particularly wet climates, such as the Canadian oil industry.

RainDrain Features:

  • Filters rainwater down to 10 PPM in compliance with EPA regulation 40CFR112.7
  • Go/no-go filtration system will automatically stop the discharge of water when full of hydrocarbons eliminating the need for monitoring
  • Easy installation within minutes
  • Includes a ball valve with sight glass to examine liquid levels & content
  • Rugged anodized aluminum filter casing
  • Discharge end - molded cap with 3/8" discharge port
  • Feed end - molded cap with 3/4" camlock inlet
  • Replacement filter media kits available in packages of 6


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