Fuel Transfer Equipment


Diesel or Aviation Fuels

Engineered and fully integrated fuel transfer systems are custom made to meet the client's specific requirements with respect to pumping capacity, filtration, and metering. The self-priming pumping systems range from 20 to 200+ US GMP (Gallons per minute) and are either Yanmar diesel or electric. All of the pump systems, hoses, fittings, nozzles, reels, and filtration are designed to handle -55° Celsius and can be adapted to assist in portability, making this fuel transfer equipment the perfect choice for all climates and applications.

The Fuel Easy system is a fully external fuel transfer tank for safe and cost-efficient fuel transportation. It is the definitive product for the transport of fuel by helicopter and offers the operator greatly increased fuel hauling capability, easier fuel handling, reduced cost and wastage, and the assurance of clean fuel. These durable, flyable fuel containers have proven in the toughest conditions around the world from the high arctic to the arid deserts of Africa.

The Fuel Easy's aerodynamic design allows it to be flown at a helicopter's maximum cruise speed while remaining predictable and stable, because a cargo load that can change shape in flight can be dangerous. The fuel transfer tank's rigid frame guarantees that the bladder maintains a symmetrical shape in the air so unlike drums of fuel, it tends not to spin on the hook. When flown at partial loads, the bladder collapses into itself, creating the specific amount of aerodynamic drag necessary to fully stabilize the unit in flight.

Flyable Fuel Container Construction:

  • Fuel bladder - high-strength, urethane-coated nylon
  • Frame - high-strength aluminum, bronze, or steel
  • Leg Uprights / Diagonal Braces / Stretchers - aluminum or steel pipes
  • Connector and Bottom Plates - cast aluminum
  • Brace Brackets - cast aluminum
  • Hoop - specially formed square aluminum or steel tube
  • Detachable Components - fixed in place with quick pins
  • Non-Detachable Components - bolted with aircraft bolts and Nylock nuts
  • Repairs - dry repair kit for use in the field

Specialty fuel transfer bladders can also be made for potable water and a variety of chemicals for any project.

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