Environmental Services

The team at Raymac Environmental Services understands the difficulties in developing comprehensive water, fuel, emergency, waste water and electrical infrastructure for remote camp operations. Whether your business is mining in Northern Canada, operating military exercises overseas or working in industrial operations in North Africa, Raymac Environmental Services can supply the remote fuel systems and remote camp infrastructure to meet your needs.

Remote Fuel Systems

Plan ahead and control overhead costs

When deploying people to remote sites for military, industrial or mineral exploration activities, you need to ensure you have the right amount of fuel to operate and that the fuel is stored in a safe manner. Success in a remote exploration, industrial or military site is dependent on remote fuel systems.

Raymac Environmental Services provides assistance in planning for such programs and is available to consult with key project staff to assess what fuel requirements are needed and the best remote fuel system to meet the needs. Raymac Environmental Services offers a wide variety of fuel bladder systems, fuel tanks, secondary containment systems and pumping systems to its military, industrial and mineral exploration clients for use in remote areas all around the world in any climate, hot or cold.

Remote Camp Infrastructure Packages

No hassles, just reliable service

Building a remote camp to support staff and equipment operations for industrial activities, mineral exploration, research, military or humanitarian operations requires a great deal of effort and coordination. A remote camp, albeit a vital part of your project, is normally secondary to the ultimate project objective(s).

Raymac Environmental Services provides clients with a package of remote site infrastructure solutions to meet your individual project needs. Each remote site solution is designed for your specific requirements.

Our complete Infrastructure Package includes:

When Getting It There Is Half the Problem

Raymac Environmental Services uses a network of freight forwarders and airlines to ensure that your remote camp infrastructure materials arrive on time and on budget. Our experienced staff work directly with remote camp contractors and freight forwarders to deliver a complete remote camp solution to your project site anywhere in the world, whether it is in the high arctic, the arid desert, or anywhere else.

Industries that utilize our Remote Camp Infrastructure Package include:

  • Mineral Exploration Companies
  • Military
  • NGO's
  • Oil and Gas Sector
  • Pipeline Projects
  • Construction Projects
  • Operating Mines


To ensure our customers receive top quality products and service, Raymac Environmental Services continues to strategically position itself with key, reputable manufacturers of remote camp infrastructure products, with a history of proven customer satisfaction, and in doing so have obtained exclusive territorial marketing rights to these widely used and accepted products.

For more information about Remote Fuel Systems or Remote Camp Infrastructure, contact Raymac Environmental Services toll free at 1-866-753-6696.