Collapasible Bladder Tanks


Bladder Tank Design

Collapsible Bladder Tanks, sometimes called Pillow Tanks, are flexible storage bladder tanks that provide short and long term bulk liquid storage. They are ideal for managing bulk liquid storage, particularly in remote camps or areas, problems safely and with no threat to the environment.

At Raymac Environmental Services, our Collapsible Bladder Tanks are specially designed to combine portability and versatility. They can be manufactured to any size to a maximum capacity of 114,000 litres. They are typically used for oil spill recovery operations, bulk liquid transportation, potable water and grey water storage, chemical storage, and fuel storage. They are designed for use in any remote environment, in any climate - jungle, desert, or arctic. Bladder tanks are often used in resource, exploration, military, government and other remote camp locations.

Collapsible Bladder Tanks, or Pillow Tanks, are constructed from various types of polyurethane coated nylon woven fabrics exclusive to our manufacturer. All seams are 100% radio frequency welded for maximum strength and seam sealed.

The fabric of the Collapsible Bladder Tank follows the level of the fuel inside. As the fuel is consumed, the top of the tank lowers leaving very little room between the fuel and the tank, reducing the condensation contamination to virtually zero.


Bladder Tank Set Up & Transportation

The set up time for Collapsible Bladder Tanks is very fast and they can be used immediately upon commissioning with almost no site preparation. The tanks collapse to approximately 5% of their full volume and are delivered folded and crated to reduce transportation costs and logistical challenges. Unlike steel tanks, once empty Collapsible Bladder Tanks can be folded up and moved to the next location for re-deployment and they will never rust.


Collapsible Bladder Tank Types

Raymac Environmental Services supplies collapsible bladder tanks, our manufacture, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. We carry several types of bladder tank including the King Series: The Arctic KingTM, The Desert KingTM, and The Jungle KingTM.

The King Series is a trio tank of tanks specifically designed for fuel and engineered for the harshest climates on earth. Designed to withstand extreme heat, cold or humidity, these rapidly deployable tanks are 100% RF (radio frequency) welded - giving them industry-leading strength and reliability.

Download the Collapsible Bladder Tanks Brochure PDF

Raymac also supplies collapsible bladder tanks for water and chemicals. To ensure our customers receive top quality products and service, Raymac Environmental Services continues to strategically position itself with key, reputable manufacturers of Collapsible Bladder Tanks with a history of proven customer satisfaction, and in doing so have obtained exclusive territorial marketing rights to these widely used and accepted products.


For more information about Collapsible Bladder Tanks, contact Raymac Environmental Services toll free at 1-866-753-6696.