Drip Defender

The Drip Defender is a rugged, easy-to-deploy, multi-purpose spill collector or spill pad. This heavy-duty vehicle drip pad can be used in all industries - including construction, mineral exploration and mining, oil and gas, and others. Simply place the Drip Defender under a vehicle or leaking piece of equipment or industrial machinery and allow the sorbent pad inside the unit to absorb the oils or chemicals. The Drip Defender can withstand all weather and climates and can easily be rolled up and stored behind the seat of a vehicle.

The Drip Defender comes in three configurations. These are:

  1. Unsupported: Ideal for indoor use and can easily be rolled up for storage.
  2. Foam Supported: Permits vehicles to drive over it without damage and enables excess liquid containment after the absorbent pad is saturated.
  3. Chain Supported: The weighted edge allows for outdoor use and enables excess liquid containment.

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